Dominion in the Collegiate Meta

We love the new Dominion game mode. The constant fast-paced skirmishes make for exciting action and a fun change of pace from Summoner's Rift. The IvyLoL Beta Season will incorporate dominion from day one, with teams playing one game on Summoner's Rift and one on the Crystal Scar each week.

Dominion is almost nothing like Classic mode. Where the current meta for Classic revolves heavily around early game farming followed by a few large scale team fights, Dominion eschews this idea entirely. The resulting game play is quick to start, action packed, and results in interesting and dynamic play. Juking an enemy when you're below 5% health and then coming back from the brink of death for the kill by picking up a health pack is an insanely fun and rather common occurrence on the Crystal Scar.

I really hope that Cho'gath doesn't have feast up...

Let's see that Cho'gath push me around now!

The central runes also add an interesting gameplay element. The Storm shield buff is extremely powerful, but capturing it takes a significant channel time. Both teams have sight on the runes, so finding the right time to capture your team's buff can be challenging. Let's not forget how awesome it is to see a gentleman Cho'gath with 6 stacks AND the storm shield buff! That must be one huge tea party.

RUN! It's Godzilla!

We're extremely excited to see how the Dominion meta game develops on the collegiate level, and look forward to seeing IvyLoL summoners on the Crystal Scar every week!

--IvyLoL Staff

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