IvyLoL Season 4 Registration and Format

IvyLoL is working with Riot to bring you the best that collegiate League of Legends has to offer! The winning teams of each Premier League region will be seeded into the North American Collegiate Championship (NACC) Read more about the NACC here.

Here's the breakdown:

    For each qualifying tournament, teams will be divided into 4 regions: North, South, East, and West. Your team will be playing against others in your region for one of the 10 spots in the Premier League
  • After 9 weeks of regular season play, the top 4 teams will playoff to determine a region winner
  • Each region's champion will be seeded into the final 16 of the NACC
  • To get started, click here to enroll in a qualifying tournament.

Premier League - NACC Qualification

The Premier League will feature the top 10 teams from each of our four regions, giving us 40 total teams in our top division.

Qualifiers for spots in the Premier League will be held on the weekends of October 18th October 25th and November 1st. Each region will have its own tournament each weekend, and the top five finishers in each tournament will grab a spot in our Premier League. The sign-ups for these qualifiers will be unlimited and each school may sign-up as many teams as they can fill (players may not be on multiple rosters). However, only one team per school will be added to the Premier League. The top 5 finishers from Qualifier 1 will be removed from Qualifier 2, as they will have already secured a spot in the Premier League.

Our regular season will last 9 weeks, allowing every team in each region to matchup with the other 9 teams in its region. The first week of the season will be the weekend of November 1st, and the regular season will conclude on the weekend of January 17th. The top 4 teams from each region will face off in a playoff against the other teams in their own region, with the winner of each region securing its IvyLoL bid into the NACC.

Click here to enroll your team in the Premier League Qualifiers Weekend 1 for a chance to compete in the NACC.

Premier League Qualifiers Weekend 2 will open for registration after the first weekend is complete.

Open League

The Open League will have an unlimited number of sign-ups and is open to all teams that do not qualify for the Premier League. Signups will be available now for teams uninterested in participating in the Premier League qualifiers, but also will be available after the qualifiers for teams that failed to qualify.

The regular season will also be 9 weeks long, beginning on the weekend of November 1st, and ending on the weekend of January 17th. The matchmaking will be determined in a Swiss system bracket so your opponent will always be one in your region with a similar record. Playoffs will follow for the top teams in each region.

Click here to enroll your team in the Open League.

Good luck in the upcoming season!

-IvyLoL Staff


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