IvyLoL Season 4 Rules

1.            Eligibility

1.1.         Each team must belong to an accredited university or college in the United States of America or Canada.

1.1.1.     List of accredited schools in USA: Download

1.1.2.     List of accredited schools in Canada: CIC AUCC

1.1.3.     Online universities are ineligible

1.2.         Each team must contain a minimum of 5 students who all attend the same university.

1.3.         Players must be enrolled as a full time student in the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 semester.

1.3.1.     Players must be enrolled in classes in both Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters

1.4.         Players will be required to provide proof of enrollment upon request by tournament administration.

1.5.         Players must be registered with valid names, school emails, and summoner names.

2.            Tournament Format

2.1          Premier League

2.1.1      Every week following the Schedule (3.1 Premier League), teams will play a Best of 3 match on Summoners Rift, Tournament draft.

2.1.2      Points are awarded depending on the result of the match:

                2 - 0: Winning team is awarded 3 points, losing team is awarded 0 points.

                2 - 1: Winning team is awarded 3 points, losing team is awarded 1 point.

2.1.3      Teams are allowed to reschedule 2 matches out of the season to play the match at a time other than default.

2.1.4      Following the conclusion of the regular season Schedule (3.1 Premier League), top 4 teams from each region enter a post season bracket (all matches will be Best of 3), also separated by region. For example, the West region playoff will match 1st place from West versus the 4th place team and the 2nd place versus the 3rd place team. All regions will follow this format. The winners of each regional post season bracket will be granted the Regional IvyLoL seed into the NACC.

2.2          Open League

2.2.1      Every week following the Schedule (3.2 Open League), teams will play a Best of 1 match on Summoner’s Rift, Tournament draft.

2.2.2      Home team gets choice of side.

2.2.3      Teams will use the on-site Match Scheduler to schedule all matches. A demo can be viewed here. Suggest a few (2-4) different times to give your opponent some choices. Work together to complete the match as soon as possible!

2.2.4      Following the regular season, the top 4 teams from each region will be seeded into a 16 team, single elimination bracket. Each round will be Best of 3 on Summoner’s Rift, Tournament Draft.

3.            Schedule

3.1          Premier League (NACC Qualification)

Default match time: 5 PM EST

Week 1: November 9

Week 2: November 16

Week 3: November 23

Week 4: November 30

Week 5: December 7

Week 6: December 14

Week 7: January 4

Week 8: January 11

Week 9: January 18

3.2          Open League

Match time: Scheduled during the dates provided below

Week 1: November 10-16

Week 2: November 17-23

Week 3: November 24-30

Week 4: December 1-7

Week 5: December 8-14

Week 6: December 15-21

Week 7: January 5-11

Week 8: January 12-18

Week 9: January 19-25

4.            Game Rules

4.1.         Punctuality of Players

4.1.1.     All players will be expected to be ready to join the game lobby and start play within a maximum of fifteen(15) minutes following the start of the round.  Readiness includes, but is not limited to, completed client patching, configuration of in-game settings, and completed runes and mastery pages.

4.1.2.     Teams that are not ready within fifteen (15) minutes following the start of the round will automatically lose the first game of the best of three (3).  Teams that are more than twenty five (25) minutes late forfeit the match.

4.2.         Choice of Side

4.2.1.     Premier League – Home team chooses side for Game 1 and 3 (if required), Away team chooses for Game 2.

4.2.2      Open League – - Home team gets choice of side.

4.3.         Game of Record

4.3.1.     Game of record (“GOR”) refers to a game where all ten players have loaded and which has progressed to a point of meaningful interaction between opposing teams.  Once a game has attained GOR status, the period ends in which incidental restarts may be permitted and a game will be considered as “official” from that point onward.  After the establishment of GOR, game restarts will be allowed only under limited conditions (see Section 4.5) Examples of conditions which establish GOR: A player has obtained a creep score greater than zero (0). A player has died to a player, turret, minion or monster. Game timer reaches two (2) minutes.

4.4.         Stoppage of Play

4.4.1.     Player Pause. Players may only pause a match immediately following any of the events described below. Unintentional disconnection Hardware or software malfunction Player illness

4.4.2.     Pause Allowance. Teams may pause the game for a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes over the course of a single game.  Pausing beyond allowance time will be considered unfair play and penalties will be applied at the discretion of tournament officials.

4.5.         Game Restart

4.5.1.     Restarts Before GOR A player’s runes or mastery settings have not applied correctly between the game lobby and match in a way that cannot be adjusted within the game, then a game may be restarted.

4.5.2.     Restarts After GOR If a game experiences a critical bug at any point during the match which significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics, then a game may be restarted.

4.5.3.     In the event of a restart, players are required to keep the same picks, bans, and summoner spells.

4.6.         Player Equipment Responsibility. All players are responsible for ensuring the performance of their chosen setup, including computer hardware and peripherals, internet connection, and power. A problem with player equipment is not an acceptable reason for lateness or pausing beyond a team’s allowance, regardless of the root cause of the problem.

4.7.         Restrictions on Gameplay Elements

4.7.1.     Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a match if there are known bugs with any items, champions, skins, runes, masteries, or Summoner spells, or for any other reason as determined at the discretion of tournament officials

4.7.2.     3.11.2. Champions who have not been available on the live service for more than 3 weeks will be automatically restricted.

5.            Unfair Play & Penalties

5.1.         Unfair Play. The following actions will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at organizer’s discretion.

5.1.1.     The use of any cheat program and/or map hack program

5.1.2.     An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly stated reason

5.1.3.     Unsportsmanlike conduct or disruptive behavior such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or tournament official

5.1.4.     The intentional use of a game bug or error to obtain an unfair advantage

5.1.5.     The use of an ineligible player (e.g. "ringing")

5.1.6.     Sharing accounts between team members or nonmembers.

5.1.7.     Unauthorized obstructions to match scheduling (e.g. lateness)

5.2.         Penalties for Unfair Play. Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the tournament director may issue any or all penalties, at his/her sole discretion.

5.2.1.     Verbal Warning

5.2.2.     Loss of Side Selection

5.2.3.     Loss of Champion Ban

5.2.4.     Game Forfeiture

5.2.5.     Tournament Disqualification

6.            Spirit of the Rules

6.1.         Finality of Decisions. All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling and staging of the tournament, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with IvyLoL and assigned tournament officials, the decisions of which are final.

6.2.         Rule Changes. These rules may be amended, modified, or supplemented in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the competition


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