IvyLoL Staff

President: Trey Sweeney (IvyLoL Rawrsoar) treysweeney@ivylol.com
Vice President: Mike Plant (IvyLoL MikeP) mikeplant@ivylol.com
Social Media and Marketing: Alyss Noland (Anakhimel) alyss@ivylol.com

Advisory Board

Miles Miller (IvyLoL Vesh): Founder and Former president.
Matt Albert (IvyLoL Chill): Founder and Former president.
Cody Fulcher (IvyLoL Brostatus): Founder and Former VP.
Michael Sherman (IvyLoL Bobvader): Former VP.
Bryan Burr (IvyLoL Avendium): Founder and Former developer.


Mai Vang (Lunaped) - Designing our website layout and creating our original graphics
Sita Duncan (Geckos) - Helping out with graphics when we were in a pinch!
Araam Borhanian (futureblast) - Helping out with the CSS and formatting for some of the pages.
Casey Clough (caseyclueless) - Hand entering a ton of data... even if it ended up getting deleted :P.

And a special thanks to all of our friends and supporters. The collegiate community is amazing and this wouldn't be possible without you!
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